Microsoft Cloud Services

Steve Ballmer a vorbit ieri despre cloud computing:

Iată și câteva teasere din cuvintele lui Steve (da, câteva au fost surprinzătoare):

“…this cloud is just another big step…”
”…we’re betting our company on it…”
”1. The cloud creates opportunities and responsibilities
”…inventions like AppStore, where Apple has done a very nice job…” 
”…empowers creators of a wide variety of intellectual property; open source is kind of interesting phenomenon…”
”…user has to be in control…”
”2. The cloud learns and helps you learn, decide and take action”
”3. The cloud enhances your social and professional interactions
”…we’ve succeeded with this aspect of the cloud the day we all agree that the virtual interaction through the cloud is as good as being here…”
”4. The cloud wants smarter devices
”5. The cloud drives server advances that drive the cloud