Zoltan HerczegThat’s me on the right. I am Zoltan Herczeg (full name Herczeg Tivadar Zoltán, also known as Herțeg, Zoli, Tivi, or Tiv).
I’ll leave this page in English, so anybody can read at least this part of the blog.


Personal email:
Work email:
Mobile: +40 (740) 104780
Skype: zoliherczeg

Bio (also on linkedin):

Currently (2017-present): Presales Manager and Chief Solutions Evangelist at Star Storage (Bucharest Romania).

Past jobs:

2014-2017: Teamnet World Professional Services (Bucharest, Romania)
– Senior Technology Consultant for international sales

2002-2014: Microsoft (Bucharest, Romania)
– Partner Business Evangelist and Cloud Champ
– Business Development Manager – Applications
– National Technology Officer
– ISV Evangelist
– Developer Evangelist

1999-2002: co-founder of Gramling Computer Solutions (Timișoara, Romania)
– General Manager
– Sales&Marketing Director
– Trainer

1996-1999: Salient Romania (Timișoara, Romania)
– Subsidiary Manager
– Product Manager
– Infrastructure Architect

1994-1996: AXA (Timișoara, Romania)
– Head of R&D
– Project Manager
– Developer


This weblog contains my personal opinions, offered in good faith, but also come with no guarantees or warrantees. These opinions does not necessarily reflect those of my employers nor the committees I’m member of.

Other images:

Zoli@CityGate1 5616x3744px 300dpiZoli@CityGate2 5616x3744px 300dpiZoli@CityGate3 3744x5616px 300dpiZoli@CityGate4 5616x3744px 300dpiZoli@IDCSecu06cropped-480x640-300dpi
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Content of this weblog is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Romania License.
Conținutul acestui blog se poate reutiliza conform Licenței Creative Commons Atribuire 3.0 România.

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  16. Pai bine domnu’ Herczeg ca ii faci pe altii nemernici, tu te crezi mai presus? nu trebuie sa te deranjeze ca esti un depasit, acolo e locul tau

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