Unealta de management pentru Windows Azure

Am publicat scula de management pentru Windows Azure la http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windowsazuremmc.
Da, este sub formă de snap-in de MMC (Microsoft Management Console).

Reciclez capabilitățile:

hosted_services.png Hosted Services Upload, deploy, upgrade, and manage your hosted services in Windows Azure
diagnostics.png Diagnostics Configure instrumentation for Windows Azure applications (diagnostics) per source (perf counters, file based, app logs, infrastructure logs, event logs). Transfer the diagnostic data on-demand or scheduled. View / Analyze / Export to Excel and Clear instrumentation results.
certificates.png Certificates Upload / manage certificates for Windows Azure applications
storage_services.png Storage Services Configure Storage Services for Windows Azure applications
blobs.png Blob Storage Add / Upload / Download / Remove BLOBs and Containers and connect to multiple storage accounts, including local dev storage
queues.png Queues Add / Purge / Delete Windows Azure Queues
tables.png Tables Query and delete Windows Azure Tables
extensibility.png Extensibility Create plugins for rich diagnostics data visualization (e.g. add your own visualizer for performance counters). Create plugins for table viewers and editors or add completely new modules! Plugin Engine uses MEF (extensibility framework) to easily add functionality.
powershell.png PowerShell-based backend The backend is based on PowerShell cmdlets. If you don’t like our UI, you can still use the underlying cmdlets and script out anything we do