Ghid, componente reutilizabile si exemple de aplicatii pe SharePoint

pnpPrima aplicație ne arată chestiuni simple (liste, content types) iar în a doua aplicație învățăm integrare cu alte aplicații, creare de siteuri etc. Ghidul Developing SharePoint Applications conține și practici de testare și mentenanță a soluțiilor pe SharePoint.
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  • How to use application and design patterns to address common development challenges.
  • The design and use of the SharePoint Guidance Library components.
  • Architectural decisions that affect site topology and security.
  • How to design and implement SharePoint applications that are scalable, manageable, and configurable.
  • How to integrate SharePoint applications with Web services. This includes discussions about design tradeoffs and decisions about security.
  • How to incorporate SharePoint’s publishing and content deployment capabilities into your applications.
  • Flexible approaches to navigation and branding, such as how to implement custom, cross-site-collection global navigation and custom site navigation
  • How to decide between design options, such as how to choose between a list and database.
  • How to design a SharePoint application for testability, how to create unit tests, and how to run continuous integration tests.
  • A discussion of how scale and stress tests were performed on the Partner Portal application.
  • How to set up different team build and testing environments.
  • How to manage the application life cycle through the development, test, deployment, and upgrade stages.
  • How to implement a team-based development environment.

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